Kafka Offset Monitor

A little app to monitor the progress of kafka consumers and their lag wrt the queue.

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Kafka Offset Monitor

This is an app to monitor your kafka consumers and their position (offset) in the queue.

You can see the current consumer groups, for each group the topics that they are consuming and the position of the group in each topic queue. This is useful to understand how quick you are consuming from a queue and how fast the queue is growing. It allows for debuging kafka producers and consumers or just to have an idea of what is going on in your system.

The app keeps an history of queue position and lag of the consumers so you can have an overview of what has happened in the last days.

Here are a few screenshots:

List of Consumer Groups

Consumer Groups

List of Topics for a Group

Topic List

History of Topic position

Position Graph

Running It

If you do not want to build it manually, just download the current jar.

This is a small webapp, you can run it locally or on a server, as long as you have access to the ZooKeeper nodes controlling kafka.

java -cp KafkaOffsetMonitor-assembly-0.2.1.jar \
     com.quantifind.kafka.offsetapp.OffsetGetterWeb \
     --zk zk-server1,zk-server2 \
     --port 8080 \
     --refresh 10.seconds \
     --retain 2.days

The arguments are: